Ian Kelley has maintained a private legal practice since 2001, in a suite of offices across from the Thomas J. Cahill Hall of Justice in San Francisco.

Since 2002 he has taught at a variety of law schools in the Bay Area including San Francsico Law School, the New College of California School of Law, and John F. Kennedy University School of Law.

He writes and lectures in the areas of Consitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Issues in National Security. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Law at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill.

He has appeared and litigated before State and Federal Courts, as well as Administrative and Regulatory agencies throughout California. In 2008, he delivered oral argument before the California Supreme Court in Club Members for an Honest Election vs. Sierra Club during a historic session of the Court convened at California State University, Palm Desert.
Ian Booth Kelley

Our office maintains a diverse practice across legal disciplines.

We specialize in "full service" representation, working to anticipate and address all aspects of the client's needs. For a business client, this might mean that we're there from drafting of the articles of incorporation to negotiating contracts and licensing agreements as the business grows. For a criminal defendant, this might mean that we both litigate in Superior Court and appear before Administrative and Regulatory bodies seeking to impose civil sanctions.

Every legal dilemma has two sides, and we have worked on both of them. We represent both businesses seeking to improve their hiring practices and employees who have been denied their lawful wage; landlords with difficult tenants, and tenants who have problems with their landlords. While we recognize the importance of legal specialty, and respect our many colleagues who represent only one position or interest, it is our experience that we - and our clients - benefit from the insight that only comes from knowing how the other side approaches a legal problem because we have, in the past. represented that same position.

Our office associates with a wide range of attorneys with diverse professional backgrounds, allowing us to bring many eyes to a given legal problem. I employ paralegals and researchers drawn from a pool of bright, ambitious law students to assist our efforts, giving our clients the best of both worlds - accessible attorneys with whom they have direct contact and the benefit of a full legal team.
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